10 Reasons why you should choose HFP to be your financial advisers

  1. You have a personalised adviser - not a switchboard - who understands your specific goals and needs
  2. You can contact your adviser or a member of their team at any time for reassurance or clarification of any issues that may arise
  3. You are dealing with an experienced and educated organisation who strive to remain on the forefront of legislation changes and new product launches in order to provide the best solution to serve your needs
  4. You will be a part of a community and will be invited to functions that are both educational and of great entertainment value
  5. Due to our independance, you will not be subject to recommendations that have bias from associations - only the most appropraite product will be advised on for you
  6. We are a solid business that has been in operation for over 25 years with a very loyal client base
  7. You can deal with a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) - the leading industry indicator of expererience and knowledge
  8. As a direct result of any fees you may pay to us, you will be supporting a Charitable Organisation, Effective Aid, who assist Burmese Refugees via our B1G1 program
  9. You will recieve personalised advice that is specifically designed for your own financial situation - not a 'one size fits all recommendation
  10. You have the peace of mind knowing that this organisation is a professional practice of the Financial Planning Association (FPA), the leading professional body representing the Financial Planning sector in Australia.