At Headon Financial Planning we offer a range of solutions to solve clients varying needs. Consequently, our process ensures that we can tailor our advice to what our clients want.

Option 1 - Specific Advice

If you request specific advice limited to one area of your situation, then our advice is limited to that situation only.

The fee for this service will be provided to you via a quotation prior to commencement of any work performed based upon an hourly rate.

Option 2: Comprehensive Planning

If you require advice that is more comprehensive in nature, or require assistance with implementation of the recommended strategy, for example to accumulate assets or maximise your retirement income, we take the following approach.


Step 1 - Define

The Discovery Meeting determines what is important to you. In this meeting we identify your goals and uncover the obstacles in the way of you achieving the quality of life you desire. Your assets and liabilities, income and expenditure, goals and objectives are quantified.


In the Fact Find Meeting we gather specific details relating to your financial position encompassing your assets, liabilities, income, expenses, insurances, structures and other personal matters. This is a critical step to enable us to have an accurate representation of your overall situation necessary for the basis of our recommendations. This process will include a detailed discussion around your attitude to investment risk and the suitability of different investment vehicles.


In the Strategy Meeting we use sophisticated computer software to project outcomes, test possible solutions, clarify opportunities and roadblocks in achieving your desired outcomes. This forms the foundations for us to procide more detailed and specific recommendations to you. This process will quantify your required strategies through detailed cashflow projections, identifying the viability of your financial future.


Step 2 - Design

A Statement of Advice or Strategy Options Report will be prepared and presented to you which scopes the desired outcomes you require and includes the issues uncovered in the Strategy Meeting. The most optimal solution as identified in the Strategy Meeting will be presented, providing the products and services necessary to implement our recommendation. This is consistent with your identified "Investor Risk Profile" and investment preferences.


Step 3 - Implementation

This process involves Headon Financial Planning implementing any recommended strategies as agreed in the Statement of Advice.


Step 4 - Refine

After the strategies have been implemented as outlined in the Statement of Advice, we need to review your situation on a regular basis to ensure that you remain on track to progressively achieve your goals and objectives and that you investments are performing as planned.
This is achieved through our Ongoing Care Program where we offer three levels of service depending on your requirements: Annual Review, Half Yearly Review, Quarterly Review.



Fee for Service Advice Based Model

At Headon Financial Planning, we operate primarily on a fee for service model.

We can be remunerated via fees paid directly from you, deducted from any funds that you may invest, or via a commission from insurance and finance product providers that we deal with on your behalf. We provide this option to you.

The fees that are paid to us is based on the quote provided to you in your Letter of Engagement and/or Statement of Advice.